New facade for El Taller Cafe

Dom and Winston headed up to Lawrence MA last night and busted out a full custom facade for the new El Taller Cafe. Doin Work!

Lorem Ipsum Store Front

Thanks to the Awesome Foundations "Baller Grant", !ND!ES were able to complete the new window installation for Lorem Ipsum Bookstore in Inman Square, Cambridge MA.


Monkeys get mono at Harbor Arts

!ND!V!DUALS helped sponsor the 2nd Annual Harbor Arts Fest last week. Our boy Charles got a few digits thanks to the help of all the free PBRs.

So easy.
Dead drunk

The Bison Lives

Raised from the dead, our mutilated Bison headed down to Jamestown RI this week for Monster Party. A show curated by EVOKER and Jessica George. The 9yos on sugar highs made this opening intense.

The Process of L'Artiste at Distillery Gallery

1. Start with a great idea.
2. Ruin it
3. Try and fix it

4. Shoot Winston

5. Hide some drawings

6. Art